15 Summers of the Lifetime Or the Life in Numbers

Just for the sake of it, if you just could put your life on its end or simply compute it into a series of numbers, what would those numbers stand for? Numbers seem to have this esoteric quality that some find incredibly powerful. So let’s do it.

Watershed Moments

Typically you would hear from a middle aged person that they have gone through two divorces, have three kids and replaced the fittings in their bedroom a number of times. Perhaps some spent all their lives in a row, which would be like 60 times in a seaside resort. 60 summers of suntanning the face and the myriad of souvenirs from those long lost years. 15 lovers and two marriages later some might arrive at the conclusion that their time to settle down has just arrived, they simply los the count on the way and the patterns that came with it.

Habits Are Time Killers: Life by Numbers

2000 books on various subjects and 80 visits to a doctor to check for some unnerving symptoms of made up diseases with the dashed hopes of ever becoming really ill and forgoing the more important issues along the way. 15 000 looks in the mirror in search of the first wrinkles and not even once having time to read proper literature.

More to Come

When you realize the wrong attitude that you might have been cultivating for years, perhaps its realization would dawn on you to help you seek a change and escape from numbers that have turned out to rule your life.

Mundane Issues

Now you fill in the gaps for your pleasure. The average number of nights when you are getting laid, the number of people who are actively engaged in your life and are supportive, and, the number of years left from your life. How would you see that future happening now? If you think that by the end of your life you have said certain things for at least a million times, does that not make you at least a bore? Losing time babbling about subjects you have no idea about is indeed a big waste of time, which means the time would be better spent reading a wiser person’s thoughts than even this piece. Quantify this: soon there are going to be 9 billion of people living on the planet Earth, what does that make your life in reference to the power of this sheer number?

The Last Years

Would you go back to the now from the future, say, being 85 years of age? If you do what would you miss the most if you were then told to go back? The supple body or the moment when everyone in your family were alive and well?

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