Find Your Own God

Spirituality is often being relegated to the background by some more urgent matters that more often than not consume our most immediate attention. While the new pope is setting a model example no one knows how long the trend will last for the people to return ito churches and temples in droves. Why discuss spirituality at all?

We Are All Doomed

Although everyone realized how badly we are affected during our lives by that thought of an imminent death it does not prevent people form leaving the churches behind and searching for replacement. Those scandals that shook the Catholic Church to a great extent was what to a large extent undermined its position in the western world, but that was not the only determinant. The reluctant and sworn atheists stand by their oaths never to look for any answers as long as they swear by their personal commandments that normally overlap their beliefs with some exceptions. Why would you need a leader to tell you how to lead your life since you have enough of the neocortex to spur you on to live a decent life? Some believers bravely astound their lesser brothers and sisters by announcing how deeply they feel the presence of God in their life. Perhaps it is because their joy of life and the sense of commitment are strengthened to the degree where that presence is indeed is felt, through love and the need to connect to a higher power.

Is Morality Grown or Learnt or What?

If you were born, baptized and had no choice at all, perhaps you are now actively participating in church masses where you profess your faith and feeling it become a part of you. If you were baptized yet gave up on the Church teachings as you grew up you might be yet tempted to give it another try or simply you look to invite a greater power into your life, you are seeking a connection with the universe at large. If you are seeking not because you fear the other side but you need an anchor to hold on to during life’s trials and tribulations then you would be most encouraged to try our some New Age doctrines or some shaman practices that the major religions would all but dismiss as laughable attempts at a religion. Apart from sects though, which are rather a rarity than a rule, but always a handy whiping boy, then you perfectly understand that the religious market caters to all tastes and palates. Although in some countries with a homogenous religious system of beliefs the decision of not sending a child to lessons is at least problematic in others the problem is almost non existant. The one question that comes to mind is why at least several billion people admit to having their own religious beliefs? Are there no other ways they could practise the need of reining in their impulses that are hard to control anyway? How does morality appear in your brain? You might see less and less of that at every step if you look closely enough. People’s behavior does not change that much just because they belong but it sure fills the need to know ‘the answer’ which is the life after death.

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