Guide To Save On Electricity

Saving on household costs is always beneficial. Not only does it minimize expenses, it also helps save the environment. Below are some easy-to-implement tips to reduce electric consumption and costs significantly.


Incandescent lamps use a lot of electricity. A single incandescent lamp of 60 watts can cost around $1.50 in cost if used at an average of 5 hour per day. Replacing this lamp with a 12 watt fluorescent type will only cost around 30 cents per month and will give off the same amount of light. This translates to around 80% of savings in electricity costs.

Another thing you can do to save energy is by turning off lights whenever leaving a room. Also, having timers on lights that are frequently used like in corridors or stairways will add to your savings.


Summer months requires using the air conditioning units to keep the temperature cool. Minimize its usage by alternating electric fans every few hours to keep the cost down. You can also place thick colored curtains for windows to keep your house cool and minimize work done by air conditioning units.


Refrigerators take up a significant portion of the electric bill. Take steps to maximize cooling capacity of the refrigerator and minimize the cost to run it. Simply placing it in a cool place can help. Properly spacing it from the wall allows it to dispense heat easily and will greatly help as well.

Minimizing opening its doors and defrosting the refrigerator at least every two months will also be significant in reducing its consumption of electricity. Another thing you can do is to thaw items you will cook later inside the cool section of the refrigerator itself. This way this item will absorb heat of other items inside to establish equilibrium and minimize work done by the compressor.


Turn off the electric stove even before the food is cooked fully. The heat remaining on the plate will cook the food after the few minutes and gradually cool it down. Using pans with the correct size minimizes the surface that needs heating and saves energy. Using a pressure cooker to tenderize meat and other stuff also helps in saving consumption. It is also better to boil water with the use of water heaters instead of directly on the stove.

Computer, TV’s And The Likes

Turning off computers and other peripherals like printers, scanners, and so on completely is advisable. Sleep modes still uses significant amount of energy in the long run. Disconnect mobile chargers and other stuff from the power outlets when not in use. They contribute to the overall consumption of energy.


Washing full loads of clothes in the washer is preferred whenever possible. Do this as well when ironing them. Pulling out plugs from outlets when not in use can be time consuming. This can be remedied by using socket strips to plug multiple appliances. Just remember to check the rating of the strip for its capacity.


Abiding with the tips below can lower down your bills and allows you to save money to be used for other household expenses. You can also seek the help of the government for assistance to help improve the insulation or heating of your home through the Warm Front scheme to significantly reduce your energy usage.

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