Have You Been Stabbed In the Back?

The human ability to bounce back never ceases to amaze me. How much a single person can take and endure throughout their life is unbelievably a powerful proof that shows that a great number of people is truly capable of superhuman feats.

Backstabbing and Leg Tripping

These are normally easily observable in the realm of politics, where one person’s failure is another person’s victory and then they all hit the bar. However, being overly susceptible to criticism can be a life crippling phenomenon that poisons your body with the deluge of cortisol and being forever in the state of flight or fright that leaves you at the mercy of other people and your emotional rollercoaster of the day. What relief it is to find a cure, if you have, then share it with us at no cost.

The most powerful way to upset someone is to prove their your superiority, be it in terms of intellect or any other feat that is head and shoulders above you. Obviously that can be reached only if you let it get to yourself in any way, with some people’s collections of knives going into hundreds or more. How some manage to collect as much? Probably they have little idea how to interact with other people in the first place, part of the game is the inability to play it well to the satisfaction of both parties. Also in place of the face to face aggression, the deliberate and passive way works so much better than anything else, or when your best ideas become copied just by accident and then sold as someone else’s.

Over My Dead Body

Indeed some people would rather die than admit that they still need to plug the gaps in their knowledge or reassess anything, and that applies to virtually anyone in the hierarchy in most companies that soon are going to close shop. People hold on so tight to various illusions or beliefs that they would rather die than admit the existence of another reality in which they show their true colors that are few and far between.

All that political game playing is a useless waste of energy, though no one like to be disparaged, rather approved. Unfortunately that would take only a utopian point of view of the reality of the greatest optimist or a softie to believe anything of that kind could be pulled off. In fact the very human nature makes it impossible for many to break through the wall marked by no ambition and the strong belief that if you are working so hard then it is justifiable for the others to treat you like a doormat that you deserve supposedly. However what you should also remember about is that you would also be seen as a person that backstabs others by chance or purposedly. Now that is some food for thought.

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