Losing Grip on Reality

You might say people would react most strongly to hoodlums and boys in the ‘hood, while in fact, the most negative reactions are triggered by the weird and standoffish behaviors that you might categorize as abnormal. Human beings are scared witless by having their grasp on a reality being undermined and ridiculed by some outsiders that spare them no grief. Repulsion, dismay, ridicule are all signs that someone is experiencing a serious difficulty in handling the weird the proper way, in a sense, that any reaction that comes to you immediately is natural, you would keep much calmer when observing someone react, and yet, when placed in a similar scenario, you would have the reaction you immediately dislike. Getting a handle on your reactions is more superior to acting on impulse, and that is what many people term as political correctness, which is just a thinly veined attempt at glossing over the issues in the eyes of many people. Forcing yourself to learn some forms of behavior that go against your better judgement could blow up in your face which is why you must first see and then adopt a frame of mind that would suit you the most despite any pressure.

Any Change Starts Inside

You might have to discard all you used to believe in earlier and truly encompass a new you but that would mean to soundproof those impulses that normally drove your behavior early on. That would mean you observe yourself all the time and make meaningful connections starting from scratch. That would mean relearning and unlearning till you drop just like it happens with your muscles that go flabby if not trained continuously.

What might not however work at all is your inability to perceive the world accordingly just the way it is. If you cannot grow as a person and understand the adult ways then do not expect the world to condone this kind of behavior as proper and lady or gentleman-like. Without too many words to spare, what you need to understand that in some cases there is no going back to the earlier comforts of life that you enjoyed freely. The freebies are already gone for good and what is left is just hard slog towards true maturity and wisdom that is so hard to arrive at even in adults years. What it takes is plenty of self mastery that might drive anyone crazy, but even then, you are not guaranteed any success. No wonder that so many people give up so easily, as the goodies might never come while life slips through their fingers, and they want to hitch an easier ride towards the sunset. That works mostly in the movies and fairy tales, so remember, to truly attempt self growth you need to suffer a lot in silence with no witnesses and make the best of it despite those tears beneath the surface.

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