On the Other Side

The ability to control your behavior and predict the outcomes of the game is what typically could be defined broadly as intelligent behavior, though experts cannot truly agree on a single and precise definition. We could agree however that the factor g that helps us determine the level of general intelligence is behind every move that we make, from social behavior to those skills requiring abstract thinking.

The Problem

In some places even most inane ideas receive credit even if blurted out by self appointed experts on everything. The public sector companies especially abound in prophets that have no clue on most issues they are meant to be dealing with, with some disastrous consequences for the well being of their employers and other wannabe artists that are waiting their turn to get the spot. With subpar intelligence you stand very little chance of being able to perceive some subtler clues that people send to each other and you might lack some finesse and perceptive abilities to assess a situation in question accordingly and draw suitable (proper) conclusions. How did the people get in those positions anyway? Through the network of connections and a pure chance when they did not need to prove themselves much just be closely related to someone.

The consequences are quite dramatic for both virtually everyone involved in the process as mistakes keep piling up, people get miffed and then suspicious of being persecuted or upset by some of the clerks or company representatives. The superiors are the ones that are going to pay the greatest price for being misled by their earlier appraisal of their employees that have failed to come to expectations.

Chaos Is the Ruler

With the company’s restructuring the best way to introduce some personal changes is by getting rid of people who are simply not up to a task. The streamling of the company should therefore involve a reduction in the company’s labor, without necesarily weighting the personnel down with extra assignments they might find hard and too demanding. The weakest links should however be done with to improve efficiency and safety, the foolproof quality being established at every corner. Or, another option would be to send those members of the staff that show some promise off on a course to make amends, whether it it their education or the ability to think in more creative terms.

If, despite their willigness to be more independent in their decision making process they fail yet again then what needs to be done needs to be done quickly to cut off any links that bind you together. The faster that happens the better for the company and any other business entity that is linked to you.

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