Get Online Help for Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

Drug addiction, alcoholism and mental illness are common problems faced by millions of people, not only in the US, but all over the world. Knowing where to get help is the first step to overcoming these problems.

There are several support groups and online classes that can help you stop your addiction and recover your self-esteem and sense of self worth. You just need to gather your strength and give in to rehabilitation. It’s for your own good anyway.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Services Administration of the US Department of Health and Human Services offers rehabilitative services to those who are in need of help and treatment.


Studies show that as of 2010, an alarming increase in drug abuse has been recorded and more than 22 million people in the US have drug addiction problems.

Over 6 million children in the US are living with a substance abuser.

Teenagers and young adults, aged 12 to 20 have abused drugs and alcohol. An estimated 10 million teenagers are alcoholics and drug users. One in every 10 teenagers has admitted to using drugs regularly.

There are more unemployed people who abuse drugs as compared to those who are working full time. However, there are also several employed people who have substance abuse problems.

Deaths related to drugs and alcohol has increased greatly since the 80’s.

Most Popular Drugs Abused

Marijuana is by far the most abused drugs, especially by teenagers. Cocaine comes next with over 2 million users. Hallucinogens and Methamphetamines are abused by more than 1 million people while prescription drugs have more or less 7 million users. Even pain relievers are abused nowadays.

Where They Get the Drugs

Surveys show that 58 percent got them from family members and friends, for free. 20 percent answered they got them from only one doctor, 4 percent from strangers and 1 percent from the internet.

Drugs are indeed easy to get these days. There are so many drug dealers everywhere.

Put a Stop to the Ever-Growing Trend

Cases of drug addiction keep increasing, which only shows that it is still a growing trend. For years, advocates have tried to battle this problem but it still manages to win.

We should be aware of the detrimental effects of these abused substances and educate our children before they try it themselves. We have to teach them to steer away from peer pressure as that is one of the common reasons why kids and teenagers do drugs.

Mental Illness

About 27 percent of Americans suffer from various mental illnesses such as mood disorders, Schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, autism, ADHD and personality disorders.

People suffering from any of these mental illnesses are advised to seek help as early as possible.

Online Classes and Support Groups

Many online classes and support groups exist to help these troubled people. They aim to lower the number of drug users and help mentally sick people recover from their sickness.

You have to help yourself first before others can help you so do your best to gather enough strength and will power to attend these classes.

It is time to take back your self-esteem, your self-worth and your identity. Find your dreams and live a more meaningful life. Remember, it’s never too late to change.

Get Low Cost Dental Insurance Through DHMO

Not many people would spend on dental insurance as much as they would for any other medical insurance. Assuring the health of your teeth is not as expensive as you would think. There are actually numerous companies out there who offer low cost dental insurance to make dental care reachable for you.

Before anything else, you may want to first dig deeper on what dental insurance is all about. To define it, it is a health insurance system where you pay premiums to a dental insurance company and they will then pay for a part of your dental bills. The basics of low cost dental insurance include x-ray, sealants, and fluoride. Some major dental insurance plans include surgical extractions, bridges, and dental implants.

Three Types Of Dental Insurance

Indemnity: You are allowed to get any dentist you prefer for the insurance.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): This is when dentists sign a contract with a specific insurance company, agrees to the terms, and give their customers a cheap cost on services.

Dental Health Managed Organization (Dental HMO): Here, you are given an in-network dentist and are obliged to stay within this network to obtain your dental benefits.

Which One To Choose

If you would ask any insurance provider on which amongst the three is the best one for you, they would suggest that it still depends on your financial plan. If you are on a tight budget, the Dental HMO insurance plan may be more beneficial for you as it costs less than the other two choices.

It is the most affordable option when you’re looking for low cost dental insurance because for this sytem, dentists agree to only charge the company a certain amount of money for each type of service provided. If you apply for DHMO insurance, it is necessary that you stay within the network to be able to receive care from them. You will have to pay separately if you receive care from an outside provider.

A DHMO usually has co-pay every time you visit the dentist. This fee that you have to pay ranges from $20-$30. However, it may vary depending on the insurance provider since there are plans out there which charge more than $50. With DHMO, you are entitled to enjoy low cost dental insurance as there is a lesser out-of-pocket expense, no hospital deductibles, no claim forms, and emergency help when you are out of town.

You can also share this dental insurance coverage because there is a plan made for families and there is one made just for individuals. There are even companies which give discounts for family dental health insurance.

When you look for low cost dental insurance, you should also bear in mind that price is not the only important factor. You should also look into the benfits that you would get. If you pay a very low premium but you won’t be getting a lot of benefits, then there is no use for your insurance. Make sure that you look for a plan that has both great benefits and low costs.

Your Hobby Can Become Your Business

If there is something worth doing as a business, it’s your hobbies that should be among your top choices. Similar to common beliefs, working on something that you love to do does help a lot. It’s your work ethics and performances that will make the business easier to handle due to several reasons. In addition to that, it doesn’t get you bored as you love doing it in the first place. Most of the entrepreneurs who have failed with their business are those who force something into their system. Instead of looking for a trending niche for a business, why not turn your hobby into your business for a change?

Full Knowledge

In business, it is a necessity that you know it by heart. Turning your hobby into your business would be easier than anything else. This is because you know it like the palm of your hand so to speak. In fact, most of the successful companies are those who used their hobby into something more productive in terms of making money. Here are some guides to follow with your hobbies.

  • What Drives You the Most – we all have one or more hobbies that we can choose from. Thus being said, you need to choose something that really drives you in pursuing a business. It doesn’t matter if it’s baking, sewing, or anything that you like despite the fact that you think they are too simple. Anything can be successful as long as you put your heart into it and enjoy doing what you do. A business should not be complicated to become successful. Even simple ideas can bring enormous profits.


  • The Blueprint – when planning, plan with lots of research in order to avoid messing up with your business in the long run. This means that you need to gather lots of information so that you will be able to handle the business properly. Planning your business makes the job a lot easier as you have a pattern on how to run and manage the company. It also allows you to handle it during the most challenging times of your business career. You’ll not get lost if you have a plan to follow.


  • Starting Right With Your Start-Up – you don’t want to mess up in the first day of your business, would you? Starting up right is essential when it comes to turning your hobby into your business. It means that you need to choose the right things for your ideas and execute them properly. Follow your blueprint in order to have a better chance in making your business more effective and successful.


  • Effective Management – keeping up the business running and successful is more difficult than starting one up. When it comes to managing a business, you don’t have to live with a few sales in order to keep your company running. Instead, you need to have a goal and you have to meet these in order to be effective and successful. Effective management is an ingredient to a successful business. Hobbies that were turned into businesses are easier and a lot simpler to manage as compared to running something that is unfamiliar to you.

Hobbies do not only provide full satisfaction if you turn them into your business. You will also enjoy financial prosperity when you do them right by applying the above guidelines.

You Need To Have Business Strategies

Business activity as your source of livelihood is not for all people. You need to have money, men and machines in order to carry out this venture. Aside from that, you need to put in a lot of thinking like planning. If there are things that are not quite easy to do, formulating business strategies that are effective in building company growth would be among the list of not less difficult tasks. Although most entrepreneurs will find this activity exciting yet difficult, successful businessmen find it essential to a company’s development and success. Formulating business strategies that will fit and work out for your company can be challenging especially for the young entrepreneurs. However, you can expect the best results with your business once your efforts pay off. Here are the top reasons why business strategies are essential for every entrepreneur who want to hit the jackpot. Let’s take note each item presented below.

  • Addresses Problems – one of the reasons why building business strategies are important is because they help in addressing problems. Since they are strategies, you can expect solutions to problems that are quite common in business. Addressing company and business issues is a must in order to avoid failure in the long run. You formulate solutions to a problem that you have already anticipated in advance.


  • Finds Ways to Get Back on Track – business strategies allows any person to become better entrepreneurs especially those who are struggling with their company. Getting back on track is not easy especially if you are a new entrepreneur. Thanks to effective business strategies though you can breathe more comfortably knowing that you have options in getting right back on track. You can always plan how to reorganize or regain what you have lost if you are good in business strategy formulation.


  • Helps Smaller Companies to Compete – another reason why strategies are of great importance is because they help smaller companies to compete with the bigger competitors. Outsmarting the other ventures would be the only way to conquer your business rivals. Business strategies provide opportunity to any company to become successful regardless of their finances. It helps them a lot in fighting their way out in order to survive and even make better business despite the odds.


  • Lets You Avoid Problems – this is also a good reason why building good strategies for your business is essentially vital. Proper execution allows a company to avoid problems which can cause difficulties for you and your workers. Make sure that you follow the business strategies as they will help you achieve your goals with minimal problems if any along the way. Strategies are steps to achieve your goals. And one way to achieve them is by avoiding mistakes or problems that could affect your business success.


  • Key to Success – basically, a company with good business strategies have a higher tendency to become successful. On the other end, companies that do not have the capabilities to create good strategies often find it quite difficult to succeed. In many instances, failure is common to them.

Losing Grip on Reality

You might say people would react most strongly to hoodlums and boys in the ‘hood, while in fact, the most negative reactions are triggered by the weird and standoffish behaviors that you might categorize as abnormal. Human beings are scared witless by having their grasp on a reality being undermined and ridiculed by some outsiders that spare them no grief. Repulsion, dismay, ridicule are all signs that someone is experiencing a serious difficulty in handling the weird the proper way, in a sense, that any reaction that comes to you immediately is natural, you would keep much calmer when observing someone react, and yet, when placed in a similar scenario, you would have the reaction you immediately dislike. Getting a handle on your reactions is more superior to acting on impulse, and that is what many people term as political correctness, which is just a thinly veined attempt at glossing over the issues in the eyes of many people. Forcing yourself to learn some forms of behavior that go against your better judgement could blow up in your face which is why you must first see and then adopt a frame of mind that would suit you the most despite any pressure.

Any Change Starts Inside

You might have to discard all you used to believe in earlier and truly encompass a new you but that would mean to soundproof those impulses that normally drove your behavior early on. That would mean you observe yourself all the time and make meaningful connections starting from scratch. That would mean relearning and unlearning till you drop just like it happens with your muscles that go flabby if not trained continuously.

What might not however work at all is your inability to perceive the world accordingly just the way it is. If you cannot grow as a person and understand the adult ways then do not expect the world to condone this kind of behavior as proper and lady or gentleman-like. Without too many words to spare, what you need to understand that in some cases there is no going back to the earlier comforts of life that you enjoyed freely. The freebies are already gone for good and what is left is just hard slog towards true maturity and wisdom that is so hard to arrive at even in adults years. What it takes is plenty of self mastery that might drive anyone crazy, but even then, you are not guaranteed any success. No wonder that so many people give up so easily, as the goodies might never come while life slips through their fingers, and they want to hitch an easier ride towards the sunset. That works mostly in the movies and fairy tales, so remember, to truly attempt self growth you need to suffer a lot in silence with no witnesses and make the best of it despite those tears beneath the surface.

Welcome Stress into Your Life

The latest methods of fighting stress typically involved staving it off with alcohol or more alcohol, which means people would tend to reach for easier solutions to guarantee themselves some respite from an ongoing pile of problems that plague their lives. Stress is a number one or two killer which explains why so many people in high stress jobs are affected by the toxicity from too many worries and, most often than not, their inability to deal with them effectively. In case of great responsibilities so many of us have to juggle daily we are prone to a quick burnout and a string of restless nights which further aggravates the problem.

Why Welcome?

In the first place, stress is now an imminent and permament quality which makes it one of the aspects of your life. Work on building enough support to free yourself as much as you can, remembering at the same time that you are not free yourself ever in total even after winning a lottery. You are always doomed to witness the ruin your body will slowly turn into and the fate of your closest relatives that would be enough to flood you with enough pain. Many people easily bounce back from the deepest pits only to show some scarring on a thick skin. They have come to accept pain as part of the adulthood and adult world, where games and deceit rule supreme. This is a killer world for those with overly sensitive skin and those strongly opposed to enforced aggression towards one another.

Whether you are thick or thin skinned you should already know that stress busters work to stave off the negative impact of an environment that is stress inducive. We place too much emphasis on forcing our opinions and our own stands so that we often lose other people’s involvement from sight, instead of listening to what they have to say. Anyone wants to feel gratified and recognized, even the lowliest of the employees, and that is where it begins. It does not solve the problem of having to face your deepest fears and your enemies, but if you take a good look at yourself and wonder what works for you, perhaps then, it would work for those stressful situations as well. The key thing is to develop wisdom to encompass all those situations and that takes more than just a bag of tricks that so many people do not carry around to produce on a whim. Unfortunately things depend to a large degree on our responsiveness to stress which is for the most part biologically determined. If you were conditioned to react with fear to a stronger opponent, emotionally or physically stronger, then you realize how easy it is to push your buttons so that you produce a given reaction which might be more than you would expect. So welcome stress into your life as no one is immune to having it in your life.

On the Other Side

The ability to control your behavior and predict the outcomes of the game is what typically could be defined broadly as intelligent behavior, though experts cannot truly agree on a single and precise definition. We could agree however that the factor g that helps us determine the level of general intelligence is behind every move that we make, from social behavior to those skills requiring abstract thinking.

The Problem

In some places even most inane ideas receive credit even if blurted out by self appointed experts on everything. The public sector companies especially abound in prophets that have no clue on most issues they are meant to be dealing with, with some disastrous consequences for the well being of their employers and other wannabe artists that are waiting their turn to get the spot. With subpar intelligence you stand very little chance of being able to perceive some subtler clues that people send to each other and you might lack some finesse and perceptive abilities to assess a situation in question accordingly and draw suitable (proper) conclusions. How did the people get in those positions anyway? Through the network of connections and a pure chance when they did not need to prove themselves much just be closely related to someone.

The consequences are quite dramatic for both virtually everyone involved in the process as mistakes keep piling up, people get miffed and then suspicious of being persecuted or upset by some of the clerks or company representatives. The superiors are the ones that are going to pay the greatest price for being misled by their earlier appraisal of their employees that have failed to come to expectations.

Chaos Is the Ruler

With the company’s restructuring the best way to introduce some personal changes is by getting rid of people who are simply not up to a task. The streamling of the company should therefore involve a reduction in the company’s labor, without necesarily weighting the personnel down with extra assignments they might find hard and too demanding. The weakest links should however be done with to improve efficiency and safety, the foolproof quality being established at every corner. Or, another option would be to send those members of the staff that show some promise off on a course to make amends, whether it it their education or the ability to think in more creative terms.

If, despite their willigness to be more independent in their decision making process they fail yet again then what needs to be done needs to be done quickly to cut off any links that bind you together. The faster that happens the better for the company and any other business entity that is linked to you.

Have You Been Stabbed In the Back?

The human ability to bounce back never ceases to amaze me. How much a single person can take and endure throughout their life is unbelievably a powerful proof that shows that a great number of people is truly capable of superhuman feats.

Backstabbing and Leg Tripping

These are normally easily observable in the realm of politics, where one person’s failure is another person’s victory and then they all hit the bar. However, being overly susceptible to criticism can be a life crippling phenomenon that poisons your body with the deluge of cortisol and being forever in the state of flight or fright that leaves you at the mercy of other people and your emotional rollercoaster of the day. What relief it is to find a cure, if you have, then share it with us at no cost.

The most powerful way to upset someone is to prove their your superiority, be it in terms of intellect or any other feat that is head and shoulders above you. Obviously that can be reached only if you let it get to yourself in any way, with some people’s collections of knives going into hundreds or more. How some manage to collect as much? Probably they have little idea how to interact with other people in the first place, part of the game is the inability to play it well to the satisfaction of both parties. Also in place of the face to face aggression, the deliberate and passive way works so much better than anything else, or when your best ideas become copied just by accident and then sold as someone else’s.

Over My Dead Body

Indeed some people would rather die than admit that they still need to plug the gaps in their knowledge or reassess anything, and that applies to virtually anyone in the hierarchy in most companies that soon are going to close shop. People hold on so tight to various illusions or beliefs that they would rather die than admit the existence of another reality in which they show their true colors that are few and far between.

All that political game playing is a useless waste of energy, though no one like to be disparaged, rather approved. Unfortunately that would take only a utopian point of view of the reality of the greatest optimist or a softie to believe anything of that kind could be pulled off. In fact the very human nature makes it impossible for many to break through the wall marked by no ambition and the strong belief that if you are working so hard then it is justifiable for the others to treat you like a doormat that you deserve supposedly. However what you should also remember about is that you would also be seen as a person that backstabs others by chance or purposedly. Now that is some food for thought.

Find Your Own God

Spirituality is often being relegated to the background by some more urgent matters that more often than not consume our most immediate attention. While the new pope is setting a model example no one knows how long the trend will last for the people to return ito churches and temples in droves. Why discuss spirituality at all?

We Are All Doomed

Although everyone realized how badly we are affected during our lives by that thought of an imminent death it does not prevent people form leaving the churches behind and searching for replacement. Those scandals that shook the Catholic Church to a great extent was what to a large extent undermined its position in the western world, but that was not the only determinant. The reluctant and sworn atheists stand by their oaths never to look for any answers as long as they swear by their personal commandments that normally overlap their beliefs with some exceptions. Why would you need a leader to tell you how to lead your life since you have enough of the neocortex to spur you on to live a decent life? Some believers bravely astound their lesser brothers and sisters by announcing how deeply they feel the presence of God in their life. Perhaps it is because their joy of life and the sense of commitment are strengthened to the degree where that presence is indeed is felt, through love and the need to connect to a higher power.

Is Morality Grown or Learnt or What?

If you were born, baptized and had no choice at all, perhaps you are now actively participating in church masses where you profess your faith and feeling it become a part of you. If you were baptized yet gave up on the Church teachings as you grew up you might be yet tempted to give it another try or simply you look to invite a greater power into your life, you are seeking a connection with the universe at large. If you are seeking not because you fear the other side but you need an anchor to hold on to during life’s trials and tribulations then you would be most encouraged to try our some New Age doctrines or some shaman practices that the major religions would all but dismiss as laughable attempts at a religion. Apart from sects though, which are rather a rarity than a rule, but always a handy whiping boy, then you perfectly understand that the religious market caters to all tastes and palates. Although in some countries with a homogenous religious system of beliefs the decision of not sending a child to lessons is at least problematic in others the problem is almost non existant. The one question that comes to mind is why at least several billion people admit to having their own religious beliefs? Are there no other ways they could practise the need of reining in their impulses that are hard to control anyway? How does morality appear in your brain? You might see less and less of that at every step if you look closely enough. People’s behavior does not change that much just because they belong but it sure fills the need to know ‘the answer’ which is the life after death.

15 Summers of the Lifetime Or the Life in Numbers

Just for the sake of it, if you just could put your life on its end or simply compute it into a series of numbers, what would those numbers stand for? Numbers seem to have this esoteric quality that some find incredibly powerful. So let’s do it.

Watershed Moments

Typically you would hear from a middle aged person that they have gone through two divorces, have three kids and replaced the fittings in their bedroom a number of times. Perhaps some spent all their lives in a row, which would be like 60 times in a seaside resort. 60 summers of suntanning the face and the myriad of souvenirs from those long lost years. 15 lovers and two marriages later some might arrive at the conclusion that their time to settle down has just arrived, they simply los the count on the way and the patterns that came with it.

Habits Are Time Killers: Life by Numbers

2000 books on various subjects and 80 visits to a doctor to check for some unnerving symptoms of made up diseases with the dashed hopes of ever becoming really ill and forgoing the more important issues along the way. 15 000 looks in the mirror in search of the first wrinkles and not even once having time to read proper literature.

More to Come

When you realize the wrong attitude that you might have been cultivating for years, perhaps its realization would dawn on you to help you seek a change and escape from numbers that have turned out to rule your life.

Mundane Issues

Now you fill in the gaps for your pleasure. The average number of nights when you are getting laid, the number of people who are actively engaged in your life and are supportive, and, the number of years left from your life. How would you see that future happening now? If you think that by the end of your life you have said certain things for at least a million times, does that not make you at least a bore? Losing time babbling about subjects you have no idea about is indeed a big waste of time, which means the time would be better spent reading a wiser person’s thoughts than even this piece. Quantify this: soon there are going to be 9 billion of people living on the planet Earth, what does that make your life in reference to the power of this sheer number?

The Last Years

Would you go back to the now from the future, say, being 85 years of age? If you do what would you miss the most if you were then told to go back? The supple body or the moment when everyone in your family were alive and well?