The Hard Rock of the Compromise

Most things in life are a matter of skill that you should hone in order to arrive at least somewhere. Some, typically parents, would define somewhere as better than nothing, as in their book it equals the ability to boast their children’s success. It is no different with learning to compromise as this is a rare skill most people master only to a certain degree, and typically, you would come across the types that express a divine belief into the my way or highway philosophy. It is rather hard to bend when you always thought people should bend low to your knees and accept little in return. That sweet and distinguished art of compromising takes some years of practice, mostly unlearning very bad habits that might be as hard as rock to get done with for good, rather, it is a lifetime process that some may find more difficult than the others.

Step by Step Approach

How can you get closer to any goal that you set depending on your grit and stamina? By observing and learning new patterns of behavior if you make enough room for improvement and assign yourself a new role, that of the learner and not necesarily the obedient one. You could ask some people around you for help but it is enough to observe how you behave under pressure, if nothing changes for a longer time and you keep snapping, that might mean that anger management and frustration do not let you see through another person’s eyes and it is always personal. Funny thing is when you become more ironic towards yourself you become less focused on the external criticism and indifferent. Just watch it, normally we are oriented outside and anything that does not conform to standards or looks stupid is enough of a catch to make a comment, if we are its victim we could practice the serious art of making fun of ourselves instead of other people, but then we should catch ourselves in the process when we are prompted to make a comment. We should attempt to attack the issue at many fronts so that we might feel less threatened, or, our ego could be more desensitized to snide remarks. Unfortunately the ego reacts out of proportion in a number of situations that are not within our reach, as you can imagine our consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg, while the rest is hidden beneath, all of which means, we are at loss when attempting to control anything.

Listen to Your Critic

That is the hardest part as no one likes criticism any more than the average person. Everyone reacts differently however to the nicely expressed criticism. Those who fear conflict are also at loss which is a misconception as you should be able to ask for what you are eg. paying for. A good deal of assertiveness comes into the play then and it is an ever ongoing dance of egos, boundaries, beliefs and approaches. But that rare art of never listening to your opponents where weak bosses fear the suggestions of their inferiors and dismiss any attempt at a compromise no matter what. But that also applies to anyone below on the ladder.

Candyfloss Memories or Meditations on Perfect Memory Stills

It is evidently no use living in the past as many meditation lovers would tell you, it is actually quite a feat to let the past go. Not everyone’s past is as good as they would love to admit it, so while bringing it up in a casual conversation is somewhat surprising as well as refreshing, then what you might need is to know where to put an end to it while keeping the treasure trove open for any occasion should you need it badly.

A Memory Still That Lasts

Ask yourself if there are any memories that you could easily freeze if needed so that it will not go away as those memories are sometimes buried deep in your psyche where you are denied access. How can you then reawaken those dead parts of yourself? The awakening process does not start with poking randomly in the dark like a blind madman who is panting for breath with all his might which does not make the madness go away at all.

You want that still to serve you as an anchor to a better memory, pinned to the memory wall as a paperwall that provides the soothing feeling whenever you want to float away into the mist and remain there for a while to recharge your batteries and nourish your senses with the experience, texture and quality a hungry brain might want to be fed with. And no more darkness in your mind’s eye as the still takes over everything and more. You could lose yourself in the image for a while only to reemerge stronger, with negative feelings washed away.

Catch That Fleeting Memory

In fact as you go back in the past, some memories long repressed and buried down could re-emerge triumphantly without a warning. A showdown is imminent but for the weak at heart it could simply bring more pain and desolation. In short not all fleeting memories are worthy of your attention, there is no point ruminating on some of the points in life unless they serve as a high or low point in life that you might want to unearth to inspect more closely in order to draw some final conclusions that might be beneficial to avoid future mistakes like that.

A whole patchwork of shards of dreams whose pointed tips could draw enough blood to make the angels weep should come with the anti bleeding prevention warning, but perhaps they are there on purpose for you to finally realize how much you are missing on if you are not following even those shattered dreams that you have left. Or build from scratch on the ruins of the previous glory. Climb again and try again if you can.